Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time in the Garden

All of my time seems to be consumed by my garden these days. So much to do. Weeding is a top priority. As crazy as it may sound, I love to weed. I find it very therapeutic. Weeds choke off life from the plants I love. And so as I weed I think about the things in my life I want to get rid of so that I have more time and energy to enjoy what I truly value and want more of in my life. Some weeds are so deeply rooted. I hack away at them but never seem to get to the base. This makes me realize how deeply rooted old hurts and wounds are that I can't seem to let go of. Will I ever be able to put these pests to rest? Will the root die off so that one day I can make one last yank and be done with it? Some plants have died. Did I not water them enough? Was the sun exposure wrong? Did a pest come in and take away it's life. Will another plant be more fruitful in the same spot? All good questions I ask myself about my life as I make my way through my foothills garden. I wrestle with the time I spend in the garden. What is the best use of my time. When I'm outside, I think I should be inside creating some art. When I'm working on my art, I'm consumed of thoughts of the weeds taking over, or something dying because I didn't take care of it. Then I remember how fleeting this time in the garden truly is. Here in these mountains I love the growing season is very short, so I let go and remember that in a few short months, the beauty that I longed for all winter long will be gone and I will have missed it. So I relax and try and stay in the moment and enjoy the beauty of each and every plant that has thrived.

My austrian copper rose has a shoot of this lovely yellow rose growing with it. Voodoo planted to acknowledge my New Orleans roots.

Snowballs. When I look out my daughter's bedroom window I see these beauties and realize what a lovely view she has had to look at every June.

The majesty of an iris and the simplicity of a daisy. Love the combination.

The vegetable garden just beginning to yield it's luscious fruits. We are now enjoying rhubarb, lettuce, spinach and radishes.

And a little art on the side created when the sun went down and the garden went to bed. Listed in my etsy shop this past week.