Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't know where the times goes but after a long break, I've started ecoprinting again. Leaves are back in Colorado and after a big windstorm I gathered up cottonwood, burning bush and ornamental plum leaves and made this first ecoprint on a piece of raw silk. Looking forward to lots more fun with leaves as the season progresses.

 In March and April I took an online indigo dyeing class from Glennis Dolce http://www.shiborigirlstudios.com/, a master at the art of indigo. I have learned how to make and keep going to different vats, one natural and one synthetic, and plan on more indigo dyeing this summer also. The lighter blues are from the natural vat and the darker blues from the synthetic vat.

 Lastly, a new bracelet, TIDAL POOL to be listed in my etsy shop shortly http://pdlugos.etsy.com/
To all my followers, thanks for being patient with me while I took a break.