Thursday, May 5, 2011


For those of you unfamiliar with THE EROSION BUNDLE PROJECT see this blog Basically it is this:  "the idea is simple: create an artistic bundle made from materials of your own choosing and 'hang, bury, submerge or just place' the bundle in the elements. This collaboration is to be with the ultimate partner...MOTHER NATURE. (taken from the blog) Crazy you say, but oh so fun. For my bundle I chose silk and cotton fabrics, vintage book pages, dead leaves, rusted wires, tea leaves and coffee grounds. Wrapped it all up and buried it in my front garden. Only problem was we had the driest winter in probably ten years so I had to remember to go out and water it throughout the winter to get some chemical action going which didn't happen very often. So the pictures below show my results. I had the best results on the silk fabrics getting some rust action  and even a couple of leaf prints (see 2nd photo). I've decided I am going to start over, but use the same fabrics and some new fresh leaves and see what kind of natural dyeing action I get.  I plan to do lots of eco dyeing this summer so stay tuned. For now, taking a break till the end of the school year when my son graduates from high school.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Can't believe it is May. It has been snowing lightly off and on all day. But a big warmup is supposed to start tomorrow. Maybe this is the end of yucky cold weather for the foothills of Pikes Peak.

More coming this week.