Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Texture

When I took the Cloth to Cloth workshop with Jude Hill (http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/), I got turned onto Glennis Dolce's beautiful fabrics. She uses a variety of wovens that are rich in TEXTURE by themselves, but the addition of the indigo dye seems to bring that texture to life even more. Love, Love, Love these fabrics. See more at http://www.shiborigirlstudios.com/.


  1. hmmm... i left a comment here the other day but must have mucked it up- not showing up. just something to the effect of thanks for the nice word about the indigo here. now i find myself back here in a roundabout way after seeing your small works on FB and not realizing it was you!
    came back after hitting a link on your FB page to your etsy shop, then to here again.
    round and round. i was thinking....how about a smallish indigo nuno scape-say 3x3/4x4 ish that i could work into my wondering coat? lets chat...

  2. Yes, let's chat. You can e-mail me at tdpdadkd123@msn.com.