Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Not too long ago I learned how to make silk paper. There are many methods for creating this luminous paper. I prefer using a textile medium as the "glue" to bond the fibers together. In continuing my fascination with leaves, I stumbled upon a process for creating lovely silk leaves out of the "paper".
Basically the process involves pressing leaves with the vein side down into wet sheets of silk paper. When dried, the leaves can be peeled off the paper and you are leflt with an impression of the leaf. Cut them out and you have lovely silk leaves. Lovely on their own or to be used in further arthwork. Here are my favorites. All leaves were painted except for the botton oak leaves which were created out of already dyed silk hankies. For more information on making silk paper see SILK PAPER  A GUIDE TO MAKING AND USING IT IN TEXTILE ART by Sarah Lawrence or SILK 'PAPER' CREATIONS FOR THE FIBRE ARTIST by Judith Pinnell.

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