Monday, November 14, 2011

The Red Aspen

Colorado is known for its beautiful golden aspen trees that color the mountainsides each Fall. If you are lucky enough to see an aspen turning red, you'll think you won the lottery. Red aspens are rare, very rare. My husband and I hit the jackpot when we made our annual trip to close up our mountain cabin and saw several of these radiant red trees. This little story cloth (a la Jude Hill style is a tribute to these beautiful leaves.


  1. Beautiful! Up (almost directly) north of you, in Central Alberta, my hamlet bursts with aspen -- but I have yet to see a red one. Just gold coins here...

  2. love your stitched piece. the red leaf looks similar to the leaves falling from my chinese tallow tree.

  3. So pretty so relaxing doing this stitch, can see the dedicate works.