Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yesterday I was going through all my ecoprinted fabrics and was struck by the variety of textural prints a leaf can leave on fabric. There are these flat, but definite prints that look like they were made with a rubber stamp.

Or there are more colorful prints that have a look of being layered with color.

Then there are ghost prints, leaving barely an image.

  Ghost prints with veins. Probably more of a resist print here but the vein printed. Amazing!

 Two color pigments in one leaf that each printed instead of combining together and producing a muddy print.

 Prints that look like they were made with pigment on a pin-head. Reminds me of stitching.

Prints made from the mingling of dye pigments and the folds of fabric.

Watercolor like images

and those defined by iron in the dye bath.

Awesome veining.

Resist prints with a iron outlline.
 Mirror images with texture provided by the fold in the fabric and string binding.

  The magic of iron

A three dimensional print

and the difference between a print using the top of the leaf and the under side.

This is what I love about ecoprinting. You never know what you are going to get. You can't MAKE something happen and no two prints will ever be the same.

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