Thursday, March 21, 2013


SENSELESS BEAUTY is the title of an article I read recently in Notre Dame's alumni magazine. The article became the inspiration for my cigar box project which I have finally finished. For years I have collected interesting bits and pieces of nature that I find on my daily walks. They have sat on windowsills, in baskets or tucked away in boxes for years. Many of them have found a home in this project. So happy to use these senseless bits of beauty for a good cause, YOUTH VISION, an arts program for at risk youthl.

"What do you make of a universe saturated with an extravagance of beauty? ...I will let the philosophers define what beauty is. But I think I understand some of what beauty does. It calls us out of ourselves. It feeds our senses. It provides standards for art and science, for language and literature. It inspires affection and gratitude. How then should we live in a world overflowing with such beauty? Rejoice in it, care for it, and strive to add our own mite of beauty, with whatever power and talent we possess."--Scott Russell Sanders

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  1. John O'Donohue would agree, Peggy! And your box is simply lovely.