Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I started a series of books last June to document plants found in my area of Colorado. Using the eco print process, leaves gathered from my daily walks, my garden and donations from neighbors, I have learned so much about the native and introduced plants of this high desert-foothills region of the Rocky mountains. I created 4 books:  Book 1, June JUNE JULY AUGUST; Book 2, SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER; Book 3, DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY; Book 4, MARCH APRIL MAY. The first 2 books show a range of pigment changes as the seasons, as well as the leaf pigments, change. For book 3, I manipulated the colors obtained by using an iron mordant (rusty bits in a vinegar and water solution) and the iron rich spring water of a natural spring in Manitou. Manipulations were also done with the last and most current book. Spring comes late to the Rocky mountains so there was little to print with until well into April so I sprinkled papers with cochineal powder to give them some oomph.

DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY (honey locust seed pod, juniper berries)


The pale prints against the white background reminds me of the first bursts of color coming through snow. And the dash of cochineal is the color of my peonies which sadly don't print.

Back Cover

open book with flags*

Inside front cover--orange is threadleaf coreopsis

teal green squiggles--lavender blue iris
Rocky Mountain Juniper splashed with Cochineal

Chokecherry and Willows

"Crimson King" Norway Maple, Peach Leaf Willow, Coreopsis, Dwarf Barberry

Plants used for Book 4:  Threadleaf Coreopsis, Peach Leaf Willow, Fennel, Norway Maple, Chokecherry, Salvia, Plains Cottonwood, Lanceleaf Cottonwood, Aspen, Silver maple, Crapapple leaf and blossom, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Pansy, Grape Hyacinth, Iris(not sure of what type; a lavender blue color from a dear friend)

Now I begin again. This time using silk fabric and a different book format.
* flags were mordanted with alum; cover papers were unmordanted


  1. A lovely and inspiring documentation, Peggy!

  2. You made the beautiful booklet with patience and kindness to share. Thanks you Peggy.

  3. Boy, I have a lot to learn. This was really an education, both of the process, and also the plant material. October with Leslie and Roxanne, can't come soon enough. Would love to have you join us in Texas:) Laura

  4. I love all your books here.. so much creativity flowing.

    1. Thank you, Donna. I have followed your art through your blog for a number of years. You are very much a source of inspiration for me.