Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just Playing

So I've been going full speed ahead on lots of different projects, and this morning I just wanted to do something just for fun. So I got out my watercolors and some scraps of watercolor paper and started trying different methods to create texture. I used alcohol, salt, granulation medium, saran wrap and lots of moving the paint around the paper. After they were dry, I fussy cut them into 3" squares and made a little paper quilt. Here's the quilt and my favorite one using drops of alcohol.


  1. Very nice. I like these a lot. I was clearing out books recently and came across one I bought, years ago, that came with watercolors and lots of little ideas to free up the inner water color artist - and I never used it! I was thinking I should - if I could find the time -- procrastinator's dilemma - always piles of things that must be done but don't get done, standing in the way of fun. So, lots of words just to say your wonderful foray into red watercolor gives me more motivation. :-)

  2. thanks for the positive words, Morna.

  3. Thanks for sharing those pieces. They are very cool..Also, it's great how you explained the process. I work almost entirely in a watercolor approach.