Monday, May 10, 2010

The Path

I've had my mother on my mind so much over the last few days. It started when I was digging through a drawer looking for some fabric. I came across some embroidered pieces that I wasn't sure if they were done by her or her mother. So I called her and we got into a long discussion on sewing and how we learned to sew. Her memories were a lot clearer then my own. She remembers taking lessons from Sr. Jovita on Saturday mornings at Sacred Heart Academy. She was twelve years old. Her mother didn't sew until much later in her life but she encouraged my mom to learn and learn she did. My mother was quite the seamstress and very much a perfectionist. Details were important.

I don't remember taking any lessons until I was in high school. But I know I was sewing before then. I think I must have just picked it up from my mom and also from my oldest sister, Beth, who also sewed. Those high school lessons were wonderful. I loved being able to create something that I could wear and that was one of a kind. I remember my second year of home ec (going to a Catholic school, we call it CFL--Christian Family Living) and taking tailoring. I bit off way more than I could chew, and made a camel colored knee length wool coat. My mother must have spent a fortune on the fabric and supplies. It didn't come out great. The fabric was very heavy and difficult to sew on. But mother and Beth both encouraged me and I did finish it. I cried many a tear over that coat, mostly because I had to model it in the annual fashion show. Still makes me cringe thinking of that. Anyway, it was my mother's and sister's encouragement and help that I am so thankful for. If I hadn't had that, I know I wouldn't have continued to sew.

These are my mother's hands. The hands that started me on my creative path.

Here is her delicate embroidery made when she was a young girl.

I told you she was a perfectionist.

Here are my humble beginnings; an embroidered pillowcase made on a summer's day. I am so happy that I still have this piece--a relic of my early creative life.
I never could have imagined that I would be doing what I am doing today. And all I can say is thank you to my mom and to Beth for starting me on my way.


  1. Thank you for this post which reminded me of my own mother who taught me to sew, to love making things and to try again when something didn't turn out. xo

  2. A mother a daughter. You've the talent and genes from your mum. Both your works are gorgeous !

  3. Thanks--it brought back memories of making works with my mom.

  4. What beautiful embroidery! You are both so all your creations..!