Monday, May 24, 2010

The World Turns Green

Someone flipped the switch on the seasons and it is suddenly late Spring in the Rocky Mountains. The trees have advanced dramatically over the last few days. Daily walks in my garden have been highlighted by picking new leaf specimens for pressing. Here are the ones that I collected today. I love the visual texture provided by the rich veining in the next two leaves.

Wanting to find another way to document my finds I decided to do some sunprints using Setacolor paints. My first attempt didn't yield crisp images, but I love the color and the way the paint migrated across the fabric.

These images are much clearer. Check out the beautiful paint migration on the closeup shot.

Can't wait for more warm summer days to make more sunprints.
"I am the leaf born in Spring
when life explodes in living things."


  1. That is beautiful. I've only ever done sunprints on the paper that turns solid blue. This is so subtle and complex. Love it! :-)

  2. Thanks, Morna. Yes, the paint does give more subtle results.