Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rebecca Ringquist Sampler

One of my favorite bloggers is Pam Garrison. She does a lot of creative stitching using old fabrics. On a recent post she talked about a sampler that she got through a friend. It really caught my eye as I love embroidery. As a young child, embroidery was my first creative outlet. Both my mother and grandmother embroidered ( see my previous post) so I consider it part of my heritage. Anyway I was dying to get a hold of one of the samplers which was created by Rebecca Ringquist, an artist in Chicago. Lo and behold on Pam's next post, she reported that Rebecca had started an etsy shop and was selling her samplers. She also has a flickr group for people to post their rendition of the sampler. So here is what I have done so far. I'm using bits and pieces of threads left over from previous projects so I not really going with any particular color scheme. I think it will add to the sampler feel. And here is the whole sampler. Isn't it lovely?
I'll be posting my progress on the flickr group. Maybe you would like to join too. Here is all the info: (website) (blog with a link to her etsy shop) . And for some fun and beautiful reading