Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunprint retreat

My husband and I took a long holiday weekend and went up to our mountain cabin. We hiked, biked, sat by the creek, read, ate, painted, fished and made sunprints. I should say I made the sunprints while he fished. I love doing this. I think I enjoy leaves more than the flowers in my garden. There just seems to be so many different kinds and shapes. I never get enough of their beauty.
So our cabin has a huge picture window that faces the afternoon sun. In the afternoon when the sun was shining through I put a big piece of plastic down on the floor, laid out some squares of fabric and painted away using Setacolor paints. I had pressed all the leaves the day before so they would be nice and flat and make good contact with the fabric. And the best part of doing it through the window was that I didn't need to worry about the wind kicking up and blowing the leaves or fabric away.
Enjoy looking at these beautiful gifts of nature.

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