Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I love scraps. The smallest piece can make my heart sing. I love to go through my piles, looking at what is left over from other projects. What I have come to learn is that working with the scraps is what makes me happiest. Making a whole out of disparate parts. So the last two snow days allowed me time to do so. Indigos and rust prints made on cast off linens and cottons come together with old paper and cardstock; cuts from watercolor papers used to make contact prints become book covers; small pieces of paper from larger book making adventures become the perfect size for the pages of souvenir books of summertime leaf printing. Small pieces of vintage threads become the ties that bind it all together.

And after being inside for way too long, I went out and shoveled snow to melt for my next dye experiments with red cabbage.


  1. Snow dyeing with natural ingredients...interesting. And I wonder what elements will be in the melting snow to affect the outcome. :-)

    1. In my experiments so far, snow and rain give the purest of color.