Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have always wanted to have a journal just for gardening, so since I've been on a journal making roll the last few days, I decided to make one today. I have an old copy of THE GARDEN ENCYCOPEDIA that is in pretty bad shape so I decided to take it apart and recreate it into a journal. I also decided to do a album style binding so that I would be able to easily add paper when I needed to. This requires creating a hinge which is very easy to do. I cut a 3/4" strip off of the left side of the front cover and a 1/4" strip off of the left side of the remaining section of the front cover (the larger section). I placed the two cover sections down on my cutting board with a 1/4" gap between the two pieces and then connected them with a piece of duct tape that extends vertically all the way around to the inside of the front cover. That 1/4" space becomes the hinge.
Then I fused both the front and back cover with fabric and ribbon. Because the covers are pretty thick, I drilled the holes for the binding. This requires two people. One to hold the  book in place and one to do the drilling. Tomorrow I'll add the papers and finish the binding and maybe even make a few entries into the journal. This is a perfect time to start a garden journal with this being the first week of Spring. I have already taken a few pictures of what is happening in my garden now, so I am looking forward to documenting it in my beautiful new journal.

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